Who Is Cookie On Rush Limbaugh Show?

Who is Cookie Gleason on Rush Limbaugh Show

Spanning nearly 4 decades, the Rush Limbaugh show stands as one of the most influential — and divisive — radio talk shows in American history. Until his death on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Rush Limbaugh embodied the most unapologetic and uncompromising shade of the American far-right political spectrum, leaving virtually no stone unturned in what he viewed as a brutal, zero-sum dog fight for the future of American politics.

Many millions of Americans loved him, many millions hated him with a passion, but nonetheless his show accrued one of the largest fan bases and talk radio history, making names and careers for many people even tangentially associated with the Rush Limbaugh show.

One such person, cookie Gleason, continues to attract the curiosity of the masses. But who exactly is cookie Gleason on the Rush Limbaugh show?

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Who is Cookie on Rush Limbaugh Show?

Cookie Gleason is the pseudonym of Rush Limbaugh show executive producer Katherine Gleason Prayias that she adopted for the fictional character of the same name.

Indeed, Cookie Gleason is actually a parody of American journalist Cokie Roberts, a longtime ABC News and NPR political reporter. Gleason has been with the Rush Limbaugh show since 1992 and remains one of the longest-serving members of the Limbaugh team.

Prayias also happens to be the wife of another Limbaugh team member, George Prayias, nicknamed “Koko”, who is himself the current webmaster of rushlimbaugh.com.

Not much more is known about Cookie Gleason besides her connection to Rush Limbaugh — she doesn’t keep any social media nor frequent any of the other large names in the media circles she herself was an integral, if not quiet, part of.

Indeed her role in media has been confined to sound production and her occasional role as correspondent Gleason, and fans of Cookie will seemingly have to content themselves with her past appearances in the titular role in the Rush Limbaugh show now that the future of the show remains uncertain.

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