Did Sylvie Betray Loki?

Everyone expected the season finale of Loki to be tight, fast-paced, and full of drama. What unfolded, in the end, was far greater than any of us ever imagined. A bunch of stuff happened in the final minutes of the sixth episode — stuff that would have a bearing on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe for the years to come.

One of the highlights of the episode involved the titular character, Loki, and a variant of his, Sylvie. The former was caught off-guard after a clever maneuver by Sylvie birthed the multiverse, threatening to destroy lifeform as we know it. Today, we’ll take a look at the trick Sylvie pulled and give you our take on her “betrayal.”

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*Spoilers ahead!*

What did Sylvie do to Loki?

In the last episode of Loki, Loki and Sylvie found themselves at the Citadel at the End of Time. The mansion reeked of mystery and deception, which ultimately led to the unveiling of the “One Who Remains” — Kang the Conqueror. Kang, who was revealed as the mastermind behind the TVA. He made sure to reset the timelines across the universe in order to create and preserve the Sacred Timeline.

This revelation clearly meant that it was Kang who was behind all the torment Loki, Sylvie, and billions of others went through, which, understandably, made Sylvie more furious than ever. Loki, on the other hand, bought into Kang’s logic, believing all the decisions were taken for the greater good, to prevent the inevitable multiversal war. Loki wholeheartedly believed that it was important to protect the Sacred Timeline, which required Kang to stay alive, even if in the shadows.

Thanks to the conflicting ideologies, it didn’t take much time for the two Loki Variants to get into a swordfight. In the closing chapter of the fight, Loki seemed to calm Sylvie down, convincing her that the cost of Kang’s death would be far direr. Sylvie pretended to take it all in, only to open a portal to the TVA and push Loki through it. With Loki gone, Sylvie didn’t stand on ceremony to plunge the blade through Kang’s heart, which immediately gave birth to the multiverse.

Why we don’t think Sylvie “betrayed” Loki

To millions of viewers across the globe, Sylvie’s little stunt with Loki seemed like a betrayal. However, in our eyes, it was Loki who turned soft in the end and was trying to derail Sylvie’s plan. Since the start of their quest, Sylvie had been vocal about his intention to kill the person/people behind the TVA. And when Kang finally revealed himself, Sylvie only had one thing in mind: vengeance. So, when Loki had a change of heart — although for good reason — Sylvie was well within her right to question Loki’s motives.

Loki and Sylvie had a fair fight, which saw Loki trying to reason with Sylvie, convincing her that killing Kang wouldn’t do the universe any good. Understanding that Loki was beyond reach, Sylvie decided to give Loki the impression of truce. And when he finally let his guard down, Sylvie opened a portal to the TVA using Kang’s controller and pushed Loki through it.

Yes, the Goddess of Mischief ultimately killed Kang and paved the way for the multiversal war, but since she never swayed from her goal of killing the entity/entities responsible for the TVA, we cannot exactly call her a traitor or betrayer. In turn, she actually spared Loki’s life by sending him back to the TVA, which would allow the brother of Thor to come back with a bang in the next season.