Cyberpunk 2077 Pay Off Viktor Guide: How to do that

Being in debt may not be the best situation to be in for anyone in Night City, least of all for V who’s looking to rise up and find his way in the world. You never know how the money owed may return to bite you in the rear, or crack through your skull when someone calls in the favor. Unfortunately, V finds him/her self in one such murky situation early on in the game, owing money to Viktor in the sidequest ‘Paid in Full’. Here’s everything you need to know about paying him off.

Paid in Full – Clearing your Debts with Viktor

‘Paid in Full’ is one of the earlier side jobs that you’ll find in Cyberpunk 2077. Being a Ripperdoc, Viktor can come in quite handy in purchasing and implanting cybernetics and upgrades. But his services don’t become accessible until you pay him the hefty sum of 21,000 eddies. That’s nothing short of a fortune, especially early on in the game when eddies are hard to come by.

How come V ended up with such a debt? Well, if you’d remember the ‘The Ripperdoc’ job, Viktor fixed your cybernetic prosthetic and upgraded your cyberware to Kiroshi Optics MK 1. That wasn’t a freebie, as nothing is in Night City. But, thankfully, no one’s pursuing you just yet. You can take your time to complete the job whenever you have scrounged enough eddies. But if your scruples are troubling you this early in the game, you can pay him a visit and sort your affair out.

Viktor’s Location

Viktor is your friendly neighborhood Ripperdoc and lives no more than a few blocks away from where V lives. His location on the map is ‘Watson, Little China’. Getting to him should take no more than a minute.

Should you do it?

Given how eddies are such an important resource, especially in the early game, it may be tempting to hold off paying your debts. In fact, we advise you to listen to those sneaky angels of your nature for once. The reason is simple enough: you don’t get any rewards for completing the mission and being in debt doesn’t really come with any negative consequences. No one’s coming to hang you upside down and empty your pockets or hunt you down for being in debt to Viktor.

All you get is access to one more Ripperdoc, albeit a very resourceful one. But there’s no shortage of them in Night City and you don’t lose much if you let this one go. You can always come back to this side job if your pockets are overflowing and 21,000 eddies don’t seem like a fortune.

Side Job Bugged?

Some unfortunate players have encountered a bug on consoles that doesn’t let them get through the side job. They get stuck at the ‘Talk to Viktor’ objective with the “Want to Pay Off My Debt” option greyed out. Thankfully, there’s a way around it. Save the game manually and try again; if that doesn’t fix the problem, maybe a future update will.

If you were one of the few who went through the trouble of paying Viktor in advance, you may have found that you still are burdened with the ‘Paid in Full’ job, telling you that you’re in debt. Maybe CD Projekt Red wasn’t expecting players would be able to pay in advance, or this is yet another bug. If that happens to be the case, then just let the job go. You’ve paid the amount and your conscience should be resting well. It’s not that the job gives you much anyway, except the satisfaction of checking another one off the list.