Cyberpunk 2077 Transmission walkthrough: Step-by-step guide with pictures

After being sent by Placide to what was should have been your death — at either the hands of Sasquatch or, preferably, the virus he planted in your head during your meeting at Batty’s hotel — and coming out not only alive but on top, your first step is to go and meet with Brigitte and accept her offer. Get ready, this is a combat and narrative-heavy mission and the finale of the Automatic Love questline. There’s going to be major setups, major revelations, and another chance to mow down Arasaka henchmen from way back in 2013 using Johnny’s favorite pistol.

Call Brigitte

transmission walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - Go to Chapel

Call up Brigitte — she’ll be happy to hear you’re ready to let the Voodoo Boys inspect the Biochip. After your short exchange, it’s time to head back to the Chapel where the Voodoo Boys rabbit hole first began. When you get there, the place will be a lot less decked up than the first time you saw it when the Funeral was in full swing. Follow the quest marker to the back, where you’ll find Brigitte waiting for you.

Transmission walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Brigitte Walking Underground

She’ll lead you into a shadow underground network of tunnels that seem to be the detritus of pre-war infrastructure, from “back when all the states were connected”, shedding a little light on not only backstory but OG Cyberpunk 2020 lore. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a super high tech hidden chamber where you finally get to see the Voodoo Boys for what they really are — an incredibly advanced society at a higher technological level than mainstream night city rather than some strung out religious cult.


Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Brigitte at Console

Brigitte will inform you it’s time to head into Cyberspace, the deepest part of the net. Some of the light blue dialogue options seem to foreshadow some sort of vague threat that exists in Cyberspace, something only the Voodoo Boys data fortress can protect you against. Finish your exchange with Brigitte and head over to the Ice bath — there’s a lot of dialogue options to choose from, and we recommend going through all of them. There’s a lot of important worldbuilding info here regarding the Blackwall, what it is, what the Voodoo Boys hold as their central purpose, and the exact context of the mission you’re about to dive into.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Tub of Ice

Once you’re finished, hop in the tub.

Inside Cyberspace

Transmission walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - Entering cyberspace

You’ll enter into Cyberspace, familiar-looking territory, but with a different touch of eeriness. Talking to Brigitte, she tells you that they need to dig into the Biochip’s data for anything on the Alt Cunningham you’ve been chasing. This means another trip through the Johnny Silverhand wormhole and some backstory-fishing in the mind of Night City’s most famous merc, musician, terrorist, etc.

Transmission Walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - On Stage

You’ll be wrenched into Johnny’s memories, returning to the seemingly pivotal moment on stage. Johnny waves a pistol around, seemingly shooting someone in the crowd, and when Kerry Cyberdyne expresses his frustration with Silverhand, you promptly tell him to get lose. Up next you meet someone who seems to be Silverhand’s romantic other, or something like it. Cue gratuitous romance scene, after which it becomes clear that thing between the two of you are… complicated.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Alt Cunningham closeup

Whatever the exact nature of their relationship was, it seems to be coming to a close as she storms out of the room. Johnny follows her into the street, where you have a few branching dialogue options, ultimately concluding with a couple of bozos coming over to cause trouble. When things go south, and bullets start flying, Johnny’s insanely OP pistol seems to be handily taking care of business. That is until:

transmission walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - Mantis Blade Scene

Never Fade Away

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Alt Kidnapping

The last thing you see before the darkness drapes over you like a wet blanket Johnny’s love interest being carted off in a van. Which is almost never a good sign. You come to inside the shop of ripperdoc Milt Nauman, who you seem to have a relationship with. After a brief exchange, you learn this woman is the Alt Cunningham you’ve been looking for. There’s no sign of her. Milt Nauman leaves you to talk to the man who apparently brought you in, a sunglasses-at-night kind of guy named Thompson.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Milt Nauman

Thompson tells you that the kidnapping wasn’t simply “to get at you” — as Johnny in his seeming god-complex would suppose — but that the whole thing was set up to get Alt, a high-end netrunner apparently. The game somewhat hilariously gives you the option of taking Thompson’s hand when he offers to help you up or choose grunting and tequila instead.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Thompson

Sunglasses goes on to tell you that it was Alt who wrote Soulkiller, the reaper AI of cyberspace thought by many to be nothing but urban legend — hearken back now to Brigitte’s warning about what lurks in the deepest parts of the net — and that they now have the AI at their disposal. A potent combo indeed. SIlverhand doesn’t seem to care as much about demons of the interwebs as he does getting Alt back. Whatever your options next, you’ll end up going to Atlantis in search of Rogue.

At Atlantis

Transmission walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - Atlantis

Returning to the club that sent you, the real you, and Jackie on to your fateful visit to Konpeki Plaza, you, as Johnny Silverhand, go looking for Rogue. Buying a drink and asking the bartender will produce a quest marker leading upstairs to the second level. Head up there, take a right, and talk to the armored dude by the door, Engel. He’ll send you inside to meet with Rogue.

Transmission walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Rogue and Santiago

You’ll find her already hanging out with a rival Sunglasses-wearing, long-haired enigma named Santiago. Rogue clearly has a type. Approach the conversation however you want, it’ll end with a rude interruption by a squad of Arasaka agents. One broken bottle and throwing knife later, you’re going to be whipping out Johnny’s pistol for some more chaos, mowing down Arasaka agents on the way out of the building alongside Rogue and Santiago.

Transmission walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Arasaka agent

After fighting your way outside, Thompson’ll smash through the gates with your Porsche and throw open the door. Hightailing it out of there, you meet up with Santiago and Rogue under a bridge nearby to discuss how you’re going to rescue Alt. You have a couple of options — Play a Gig or call Nancy — either way you’re going to the same place.

Inside Arasaka Headquarters

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Insane Combo

However you decide to get there, and whomever you go with, you’ll end up storming the Arasaka headquarters with Johnny’s trusty firearm anyway — an experience that should by now, be well familiar to you. Only this time without the nuclear bombs. There’s be numerous layers of Arasaka goons to fight through, including a few surprise mini-turrets, but your insanely OP flashback-version of the iconic pistol can make short work of whatever Arasaka throws at you.


Transmission Walkthrough cyberpunk 2077 - Alt dead

Eventually, after you’ve reduced the Arasaka payroll by a few percentage points, you’ll come to a marginally bigger firefight at the end. In the back of the room, you’ll find Alt jacked into a netrunning setup, wading through cyberspace. Beside her is an extremely unfortunate Arasaka henchman who you will promptly extinguish. Pulling Alt out of the net, it only takes a few moments to realize she’s dead.

The Blackwall

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077

Eventually, you’ll come back, face to face with Brigitte inside the Data Fortress. After a short exchange about Alt and the Voodoo Boys’ general lack of concern for your wellbeing, you’ll finally come face to face with the Blackwall itself, splayed out in front of you in its mighty, digital grandeur.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - The Blackwall

This is one of the more fantastical, cinematic scenes in the entire game. Alt wades out of the darkness like some goddess of the digital underworld. Brigitte does her best to sort of butt in but Alt snaps her fingers and boom! You’re back in Johnny’s digital recreation of Arasaka headquarters from the day he dropped the nuclear charges in their tower.

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Alt in Void

After a short spout of dialogue, the three of you hatch a plan to break into Mikoshi, the prison itself, and get Alt inside so she can take them out from within, download your mind as a construct, and reinsert your consciousness into your body. Quite the plan, one which V appropriately expresses some reservations towards. But, being especially low on options, you conclude it’s your best shot and leave Alt, and eventually Cyberspace.

Back in The Chapel

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Never Fade Away Complete

SPOILER ALERT: The next options below contain spoilers regarding the outcome of Transmission based on your choice to either help or hinder the Netwatch Agent in I Walk the Line.

If You Sided with the Voodoo Boys in I Walk the Line

You’ll awaken back in your tub of ice where Brigitte is there to say hello to Brigitte. The exchange will be especially contentious, with you calling Brigitte out for trying to dupe basically everybody at every opportunity — and you will be given the option to let things boil over in a gunfight that’ll end with you killing everyone in the room and then some. If you just want to be on your way, you can choose to live and let live and make your way out the door. At least you’ll be able to gloat to Placide a little bit, which is always nice.

If You Sided with the Netwatch Agent in I Walk the Line

If you did let the Netwatch Agent walk out with the data they’d obtained on Reza Agwe, the Voodoo Boys netrunners in the chairs around you will be killed by the Netwatch and you’ll awaken to an array of bodies in their chairs. This will understandably make the rest of the voodoo boys quite upset, so be ready for some serious combat on your way out of the Chapel. Oh, and you’re going to finally fight Placide — enjoy that one. 

Outside the Chapel

Transmission Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 - Relic Malfunction

After everything is said and done, you’ll experience your worst relic malfunction yet just outside the Chapel. After stumbling your way to a chair, you’ll get a chance to have a lengthy conversation with Johnny and nudge your relationship in a number of directions. You can cut it short or dig deeper into a conversation about death, consciousness, and the nature of confinement in Mikoshi. It’s an interesting detour and one we recommend wading deeper into before moving on.

And that concludes Automatic Love! Keep up with us for more detailed, step-by-step mission walkthroughs for Cyberpunk 2077.