Cyberpunk 2077 Woodmen Glitch in ‘Automatic Love’ Mission: How to Fix

A game as large as Cyberpunk 2077 is bound to have glitches. Some of them are more annoying than others, especially ones that halt your main storyline progress and get you stuck. One such major glitch is in the mission ‘Automatic Love’ where no further instructions are given to the player after completing a checkpoint. But there’s a way to get unstuck. Learn about the glitch and ways it can get fixed.

Automatic Love Mission glitch: Can’t leave after interrogating Woodmen

In the mission Automatic Love, there’s a part where V needs to ‘Leave Clouds’ after collecting some weapons. But the marker doesn’t appear even after interrogating Woodman. No matter which conversation route you take, you get stuck all the same. This glitch appears deep into the mission, which is quite bothersome and threatens to ruin the progress made. But the following two ways do manage to get past it.

Fix #1: Kill Woodman

If you make interrogation choices that threaten Woodman he’ll end up attacking you. Once you kill him, the quest is redirected and you can muscle your way out. This is the only known way to fix the game from within by changing one’s choices. Because of the glitch, the whole interrogation seems worthless since you can’t really interact and impact the game. All you’re left with is the choice of killing Woodman.

Fix #2: Hotfix 1.04

Cyberpunk was quick to address this bug as well as various quest and graphics issues that have sullied the game experience. A hotfix is now available for PlayStation and PC that tweaks and corrects some of these. A lot of the fixes are for mission-related glitches, including one for Automatic Love.

The Hotfix has come sooner than anticipated but just in time to save the day and get you back in Night City. The update file is about 18GB, which should cover a slew of concerns that players have been experiencing ever since release.

Currently, there’s no such Hotfix update for Xbox players so they have to wait a little longer. They can, however, try the first fix and get past the glitch.