Lost Ark Broad Sea Treasure map disappeared? Fixes and more!

Lost Ark is the newfound MMO action RPG that is recently taking western players by storm. Released back in 2019, the game has been a popular title in Korea until its recent claim to fame among western players.

The game offers you unique ways to earn in-game currency like the Broad Sea Adventure and its variety of maps. Sadly these maps seem to be disappearing from the inventory of many players, and if you too are affected by the same, then here’s all you need to know about it!

What is the Broad Sea Adventure?

Broad Sea Adventure is the name of a comprehensive side quest that can help you earn in-game currency in Lost Ark. You get various maps in your inventory under this adventure that point to locations in the sea where you can find treasures and other collectibles.

The map gives you a tentative location of the treasure, which you then need to find in-game. Once found, the treasure will show up as a spyglass on the map which you can then explore to find the treasure.

Why did the Broad Sea Adventure map disappear from your inventory?

This is the intended behavior of Broad Sea Adventure treasure maps in Lost Ark. Once you arrive at the shown location, the map will disappear from your inventory.

If you did not travel to the intended location but the map still disappeared for you then it is likely that you arrived at the treasure location by chance which made the map disappear from your inventory. Either way, once you find the location, you can follow the prompts for the adventure to get the treasure in your inventory.

How to find the treasure in the future once the map disappears

Once the map disappears from your inventory, the treasure will then show up as a spyglass on your map. You can look for the same on your map to find the location of the treasure in the future.

We recommend keeping a tentative location of the map in mind to make it easier to find the spyglass in the future. This will help you easily find missed treasure locations in the future.

We hope this post helped you get familiar with Broad Sea Adventures in Lost Ark. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.