The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Where Is Sam Wilson From?

There is nothing like a humble origin story to get us hooked to a character, especially one like The Falcon who’s clearly struggling with himself about Captain America’s decision. Sam Wilson is a man who has seen some rough days since he joined the army as a Paratrooper but his identity aside, there is more this his personality. So what makes Sam Wilson the person that he is?¬†Amidst speculation regarding The Falcon becoming the first Black Captain America, we delve deeper into understanding his origins which are unsurprisingly humble and super down-to-earth. So here’s everything you need to know about where Sam Wilson’s from.

Where Is Sam Wilson From?

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

The first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier shows Sam Wilson driving towards the lush, green, and picturesque Delacroix in Lousiana. That’s his hometown where his sister Sarah and her sons currently reside. From the looks of it, she runs a business that she inherited from their parents and now appears to be struggling. Sarah and Sam are also squabbling about the family boat which has become a major liability. Sam is unwilling because of all the sentiments attached to the boat that has been a major part of his life before joining the U.S Air Force.

While Sam Wilson in the MCU is from the countryside, the one from the comics comes from Harlem, New York. In the comics, he was born to a minister named Paul Wilson and Darlene Wilson. Even though Sam Wilson is super attached to his sister and nephews, it becomes very clear that his priority is his job as an Avenger. In the scene where he and Sarah argue about the boat, she raises the issue of how she had to take care of the business while he off to join the Air Force and later, the Avengers. But this does not take away from the fact that there is a part of Sam Wilson that absolutely loves his family and he would do just about anything he could for them.

The 5-year blip changed the circumstances for Sam Wilson’s family quite drastically. More importantly, Sam Wilson himself had to reconcile with all the lost time. It’s interesting to see that Marvel did not make his family life center stage up until now. All through the Captain America movies and even Avengers, we always got to know him as The Falcon and an Avenger. Marvel’s focus on feelings associated with family, especially those of guilt and loss has become a dominant theme since WandaVision came out in January. The approach they have taken by humanizing all these Superheroes is a reminder of the fact that even the strongest must face their pain and grief if they want to move on.