‘To Grow Old In’ in WandaVision: What is it and Why it leaves us sad!

Two of the most powerful Avengers, Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, enacting in a sitcom from the 60s, 70s, and later 80s — the premise of WandaVision is hardly the most digestible. It becomes even stranger when you get yourself acquainted with the episodes and learn that there’s a lot, a lot more than meets the eye.

What starts off as a quirky, unconventional sitcom involving two Avengers: Infinity Wars stars, slowly delves deep into magic, madness, and heartbreak. We see Wanda — a.k.a Scarlett Witch — deal with the loss of her soulmate, Vision, which ultimately leads to the creation of the Westview as depicted on the show.

As you may have guessed already, WandaVision doesn’t shy away from plunging a dagger into your heart, make it bleed for the character played by Elizabeth Olsen. Recently, the show delivered one of its most heartbreaking moments, and today, we’ll talk about its context and tell you why it meant so much.


P.S: Spoilery content ahead. If you haven’t watched all the episodes, it’s probably better to give this one a miss.

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What is ‘To grow old in’ in WandaVision?

In the property deed that Vision had left for Wanda, the former took a creative approach to show where he would like to build a house, to grow old in. On the property deed, he doodled a neat heart just ahead of lot ‘B’ and wrote “To grow old in” inside it. He even put his initials — “V.” — just underneath the note.

You can clearly see that the property was co-owned by Wanda Maximoff and The Vision. The address of the plot is “2800 Sherwood Drive, Westview, New Jersey – 08801.”

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Why is the note heartbreaking

As you may already know, Wanda Maximoff and The Vision grew particularly fond of each other during the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” In the next Marvel epic, “Infinity War” the two were shown to be romantically involved and even decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Eventually, Thanos’ minions stormed earth and their plans went for an unfortunate toss.

At the end of the “Infinity War,” Thanos plucked the Mind Stone off of Vision’s forehead, completing his Infinity Gauntlet and killing Vision in the process. Wanda, despite doing her best to protect Vision, failed to outsmart Thanos — who used the Time Stone to undo Wanda’s efforts — and saw her lover drop lifeless in front of her.

Before Thanos’ arrival, Wanda and Vision were well on their way to create a life for themselves. Vision, thoughtful as he was, even picked out an excellent plot in a little suburb called Westview in New Jersey.

The piece of land was meant to be a surprise for Wanda, which is why Vision left the beautiful — and heartbreaking, in the current context — note for his better half. The fact that the two superbeings failed to live out the life they very much deserved is most definitely one of the cruelest plots of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; one that has the potential to scar you for good.

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Which episode contains the scene?

Since the very first episode, WandaVision has been throwing curveballs at us, one after the other. While the first two episodes kept us guessing what the plot was about, episodes three to seven gave us an abundance of hints and teases about the potential outcome of the series.

We got to see Agatha Harkness as the primary antagonist, but Wanda was also projected as an imbalanced superhero with questionable reasoning skills, keeping the entire town hostage. However, finally, in the penultimate episode — episode 8 — we got to see what drove Wanda to the edge; saw how heartbreaking Vision’s note was.

So, if you haven’t yet witnessed the drama and want to experience the gutwrenching experience first-hand, be sure to watch the eighth episode of WandaVision. Keep your eyes peeled after the 30-minute mark to catch the scenes leading up to the scarring reveal.