What did David Dobrik do to Erin?

David Dobrik’s problematic content is coming back to haunt him hard and with good reason. When Vlog Squad member Seth Francois revealed the deception behind replacing Corinna with Jason to fool him into kissing the 47-year old male comedian, it became quite clear that consent was not exactly a major priority for Dobrik.

Things only get murkier from here on when it is revealed that David Dobrik was hiding in their bathroom for two hours to hear Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash have sex for two hours in the name of footage. It also does not help that he took Karim’s name suggestion for his app without due credit or acknowledgment.

Even if one does not count his sexual jokes and commentary targeted at the girls, one of whom Dom would eventually rape in the name of a ‘threesome’ as utterly wrong, one cannot deny his involvement in both recording and enabling the whole horrifying process.

Indeed David Dobrik has done more than his fair share of questionable things for views and fame at this point. It was a give and take between him and the other members of the Vlog Squad to create content that would propel all of them to greater heights of fame and make them wealthy YouTubers. Unfortunately for David, because of his direct affiliation with all the members of the Vlog Squad, anything they’ve done to each other has also been connected to him whether he had something to do with it or not. Let’s consider the Seth Francois and Erin Gilfoy issue.

What happened between Seth Francois and Erin Gilfoy?

During the Black Lives Matter movement, Seth exposed the deep-rooted racism among the members of the Vlog Squad including one of Erin Gilfoy. In the video, Erin is dancing around and naked while she says the n-word which was the whole racist bit that Seth wanted to call her out for. Unfortunately for Seth, the video backfired because Erin was naked in the video and he did not take her consent, it became a massive violation of her privacy, so the whole issue went from calling out racism to an invasion of privacy and posting revenge porn online.

Erin goes as far as to clarify the racist bit of the video and then calls out Seth for posting such content about her in this video. Her mistakes came from ignorance and stupidity whereas what Seth did was intentional. But in all of this, is there a David Dobrik angle that needs to be explored?

What did David Dobrik do to Erin?

Erin Gilfoy and David Dobrik. Photo courtesy: YouTube channel Erin and Carly

Since Erin was super hush-hush about the whole David Dobrik controversy up until this video, there was speculation that she and Carly were being suppressed by him and that he might sue them if they said anything about his involvement in Dom’s raping of Hannah and the night of the horrifying threesome. Of course, once Erin uploaded the video, it became very clear that she did not condone the actions of the night. Both her and Carly weren’t there on the night when the horrifying episode happened and both of them stand in support of the victim.

It was reassuring to see that despite her close affiliation with the Vlog Squad, Erin stood with Hannah the victim, and called out the actions of the squad. Meanwhile, it will be David’s prerogative to address the accusations that are made against the Vlog Squad, and hopefully, he will do better than shift blame or point-blank deny occurrences of such serious nature.