What happened to Acrello on TikTok?

With over 650 million active users and climbing, TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. It has the weirdest lingo and wildly confusing trends, which are impossible to decipher for any casual TikTok user.

Over the last week, a new trend has gone viral on the social networking service, asking everyone to “Leave Acrello Alone.” Today, we’ll check out what that means and tell you what Acrello has done to create such a booming trend.

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Who is @Acrello on TikTok and what is he famous for?

@Acrello is a 19-year-old avid TikTok user from Lansing, Michigan. He has a knack for creating satirical videos and has used his life hack tutorials to garner over 5 million followers and 150 million likes. Before becoming a superstar on TikTok, Acrello, who has eight siblings, was active on Vine, uploading funny, enjoyable videos every single day. He also brought his humor over to YouTube, although they weren’t exclusive: just content brought over from Vine and other social networking sites.

In 2019, he dropped the music video for his single “Mal is Like.” His most popular YouTube video, however, is titled “TESTING STRANGERS DIAMONDS – ANN ARBOR MALL EDITION | PUBLIC INTERVIEW.” The teenager has also collaborated with Yeetstem and Isabella Avila on TikTok.

What is ‘Leave @Acrello Alone’ on TikTok?

‘Leave @Acrello Alone’ is the latest trend to go viral on TikTok. Judging by the way it is presented, the user “@Acrello” is being saved by his fans from the cancel-culture fanatics, who are mad at him for one reason or another. The hashtag or trend ‘Leave @Acrello Alone’ is how Acrello’s fans are fighting back.


Leave @acrello alone😐#fypシ #leaveacrelloalone #meme #fypシ

♬ 28 Days Later – 尖叫聲鈴聲

Surprisingly, no one is actually after the supposed victim, @Acrello, but the support from his fans is exponentially increasing.


#leaveacrelloalone#fypシviral #PrimeDayDealsDance #foryoupage leaves @acrello alone

♬ Nobody – Mitski

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What has @Acrello done?

As far as we know, @Acrello has not done anything to draw the attention of the cancel culture, which makes the entire thing a well-thought-out sham. The TikToker created the ‘Leave @Acrello Alone’ trend all by himself as an inside joke and circulated it heartily. Thanks to his 5-million fanbase — who all thought @Acrello was being “canceled” — it didn’t take much time for the trend to catch on. Finally, to add to the massive confusion, @Acrello made his account private, which made sure no casual TikToker got to know about his elaborate prank.


@acrello You were caught in 8k! Show yourself! #leaveacrelloalone #acrello #tagacrello #meme #joke #xzodiac85x #viral #tiktok #fyp #foryou #trend #4u

♬ original sound – Krackzsan

So, if you were confused about the trend and were actively creating videos with the “Leave @Acrello Alone” title, we’d advise you to take the whole thing with a hint of salt and stop participating in the movement. The original TikToker pulled off an excellent prank that has helped his fanbase grow by a tangible margin.

Why has Acrello made his profile private?

Every TikTok influencer in the world thrives on popularity and connections. And to maximize the impact, it’s important to keep an open line, to keep their profiles accessible to all. Acrello — who has over 5 million followers — on the other hand, has chosen to make his profile private, sending the world of TikTok into a frenzy.

The reasoning here is pretty straightforward. For his prank to work, he needs to appear shaken by all the abuse hurled at him. Also, since he was the one who started the trend, he has to isolate himself from the whole thing.

Surprisingly, Acrello is still allowing others to follow him. So, eventually, we are expecting him to be back on the social networking site sooner than later.

Should you participate in the ‘Let Acrello Be’ trend?

Before getting confused, we’d like to clarify that the ‘Let Acrello Be’ trend is the same as ‘Leave Acrello Alone.’ And no, you should not participate in either movement, unless, of course, you’re participating only for the sake of confusing others. Since the movement is nothing but a publicity stunt, you won’t actually be fighting against the infamous “cancel culture” activists. You will only be helping Acrello create intrigue and garner more fanfare than ever.

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