What happened to Zemo in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

The villain of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is yet to be revealed but we can ascertain for sure now that Baron Zemo is more of an anti-hero figure than a secondary villain. We seldom get to see such an intriguing alliance as the one we saw between Zemo and Sam/Bucky but witnessing this trio manage their equation so cordially gave us hope for Baron Zemo as a human being. Episode 5 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was super eventful, with the Zemo arc coming to close in a way that was kind of expected. What happened to Baron Zemo in Episode 5 after he had fulfilled his purpose in the show? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Baron Zemo in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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Sam and Bucky break out Zemo out of the Berlin Correctional Facility to recruit his help in locating the source of the super-soldier serum and Karli Morgenthau’s gang. It was thanks to Zemo’s connection that Sam and Bucky are able to enter Madripoor and locate the Power Broker. Zemo is also indirectly responsible for reconnecting Sharon Carter with Sam and Bucky as she saves them in Madripoor when they are chased by bounty hunters after Selby is killed. Throughout the show, Zemo’s intention was to locate the source of the super-soldier serum and destroy it. He wanted to ensure that no human being was ever given that kind of power and if they were, then he wanted them destroyed.

But Zemo cannot escape his past or the consequences of what he has done. In episode 4, the Dora Milaje appears in Latvia with an intention to capture him for what happened to King T’chaka, and from this point on in the show, Zemo’s screen time was definitely numbered.

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What happens to Baron Zemo in episode 5 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The plot is thrown wide open again when Zemo makes his escape during the scuffle between the Dora Milaje, Sam, Bucky, and John Walker towards the end of episode 4. We proceeded into episode 5 with the initial assumption that he would go underground to escape his punishment. Yet, we find him back in Sokovia, waiting for Bucky to come and deliver his fate. Bucky, however, pulls the trigger to reveal that the cartridge was empty as the Dora Milaje enters the scene to take Baron Zemo to the Raft, where he is expected to spend the rest of his life. After one final conversation with Bucky, Baron Zemo is taken away by the Wakandans.

Baron Zemo has become a very popular character in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and an iconic villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the fact that Daniel Brühl has does an excellent job playing this endearing villain, Zemo’s eccentricities add a certain appeal to his overall character. All love for this villain aside, Zemo’s judgment was coming whether he liked it or not. If Marvel stands by anything, it’s that no villain can escape their fate.