Where Was Couples Retreat Filmed?

When it comes to exotic shooting locations, Hollywood never seems to shy away from going overboard. These movies would go to great lengths to seduce you with their locations, giving you an escape route to relaxation and wonder whenever they get the chance. The 2009-release were focusing on today is another great example of Hollywood’s love story with fancy locations. The movie gives you breathtaking views throughout its runtime, forcing you to take your mobile out and check out beach destinations right away. If the feeling of escapism doesn’t scare you and a breezy vacation mood is all you’re looking for, be sure to check out the article and learn where the cast of “Couple Retreat” went to shoot the film.

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What’s the film about?

Before we check out the locations of the film, let us give you some context — tell you what “Couple Retreat” had in store for its viewers. Released in 2009, the Peter Billingsley-directed comedy film revolves around Jason and Cynthia — played by Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell, respectively — who hit a bit of a rough patch in their marriage. The duo then invites three other couples: Dave-Ronnie, Joey-Lucy, and Shane-Trudy to a couples’ getaway. While the focus was meant to be fixing Jason and Cynthia’s marriage, the other three couples soon realize that participation in the therapy sessions on the “fun” island isn’t optional. The healing journey ends up having a negative effect on the other couples, exposing the carefully guarded vulnerabilities of their seemingly perfect relationships.

The non-spoiler brief summary of the movie should give you an idea of where the movie could head. However, apart from the four couples, there’s also a fifth element that gives the movie a new dimension — the location. If you’re a fan of fancy beaches and a clear, turquoise lagoon, you’re bound to give the creators a round of applause for picking out the spot.

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Where was “Couples Retreat” filmed?

Director Peter Billingsley picked Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia as the prime location for shooting his comedy. This small South Pacific island sits northwest of Tahiti and is surrounded by islets and a coral reef. It also has some super chic, luxury hotels, which can cater to all your needs. The beautiful waters of the island and the comfort of these luxurious hotels create a perfect symphony, which must have been the motivation behind picking this spot as the primary shooting location for “Couples Retreat.”

With the little introduction about the island out of the way, let’s take a look at the resort “Couples Retreat” stars holed up in. And no, there is no Eden Resort on the island.

The St.Regis Bora Bora Resort

“Couples Retreat” used The St.Regis Bora Bora Resort to captivate their audience and show the beauty of the little island. Since the resort is a proud part of the Marriott group of hotels, expect an unmatched degree of comfort, sophistication, and hygiene.

As per Marriott, St.Regis has the largest overwater villas in the South Pacific, all fitted with glass panels that overlook the crystal clear seawater. For any traveler, that’s pretty much the dream combination. And fortunately, you can experience the same level of comfort that the “Couples Retreat” stars did.

According to the current listing on Booking.com, you can book a night’s stay at this super posh resort at $1280. Since we’re still not out of the woods with COVID-19 yet, sanitization is of utmost priority and St.Regis understands that better than most.

If you’re intrigued by their offering and wish to know more about booking a stay at Bora Bora, feel free to dial this number: +689 40 60 78 88.

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Should you watch the film?

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times in the sections above, Bora Bora is an exceptional island and the St. Regis resort does its reputation no harm. However, if you’re looking at the movie objectively, hoping for an experience worth remembering, we’re afraid you’re up for a disappointing climax.

Although the cast is pretty good and there are some interesting moments in the film, it’s overall a rather drab story. It might not be the worst for a casual watch, but it’s not a must-watch by any means.

Images via: Netflix