Which actress played Agnes in WandaVision? What are her popular movies and TV shows?

Apart from the story and the cinematics, the one thing that ensured WandaVision was going to be one of the best MCU projects were its actors and actresses. There have been some amazing performances given by the likes of Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) and Paul Bettany (Vision). But one character that literally took the show by storm was that of Agnes.

From the beginning, the nosy-neighbor was a charming addition to the series, but it was only when she was revealed to be the age-old witch called Agatha Harkness did we get some context to the layered nuances in her performances and appreciate how great the stakes really were. All of this was possible thanks to the actress who played Agnes, bringing her to life in a way that has never been done on screen – a mixed bag of the comic, the serious, the eccentric, and the unpredictable.

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So, who is the face of Agnes and where have we seen her before?

Warning: Minor WandaVision spoilers ahead

Kathryn Hahn is Agnes in WandaVision

Kathryn Hahn was a delight to watch in every single episode of WandaVision. Apart from the titular characters, her presence on screen had us all hooked in her role as Agnes, an eccentric suburban snoopy neighbor, and her polar opposite Agatha Harkness.

Kathryn is such a crisp, charismatic, and oh-so endearing personality that it shows through in WandaVision. Born in Westchester, Illinois, Kathryn’s career has been anything but lustrous. She’s had to struggle in her long career but there’s still never been a ‘bad’ Kathryn Hahn performance. It was only after being cast in the MCU that she shot to fame, as tends to happen with characters who get aboard the Marvel ship.

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But the craze over Agnes/Agatha/Kathryn doesn’t all have to do with Marvel. Kathryn Hahn’s spirited devotion to her characters is one to marvel at (no pun intended), and Agnes is no different.

Where else have we seen her?

Talent and hard work alone aren’t reliable measures of having a successful career, and Kathryn knows this best. She’s been in a ton of movies and TV shows spanning her two-decade-long career.

She’s ever been a queen of comedy, starting out with small roles in movies likeĀ How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, The Holiday, andĀ Step Brothers. Though she didn’t star in any leading role in these, she definitely stole the spotlight whenever she had some screentime. Looking back at it all now, we’re not surprised that that was the case.

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But her roles did get bigger and better over time and she started landing important supporting roles in multiple eminent comedy series such asĀ Parks and Recreation,Ā Girls, the Kroll Show, andĀ Transparent –Ā an award-winning production.

It isn’t just her comedic theatrics that has had fans awaiting her next project, but also her eloquent voice. Her style of speaking is quite distinct, and any major Kathryn Hahn fan would recognize her in voice-over roles in Robot Chicken,Ā Chozen, Hotel Transylvania 3, and the best of them all –Ā Spider Man: Into the Spider-VerseĀ where she played Doc Ock.

It isn’t her comic timing alone that’s set her apart from her peers, but also her serious drama work in such shows asĀ Happyish,Ā I Love Dick, and Mrs. Fletcher. These have been the perfect platform for her to show her true quality and get away from being typecast as just ‘comedic relief’.

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It’s safe to say that even before her role as Agne/Agatha, she had a huge repertoire of comedic and dramatic roles under her belt, and none too shabby either. She’s been nominated for her work multiple times for the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Gotham Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. But nothing can beat Marvel’s WandaVisionĀ when it comes to the well-deserved stardom that her role has afforded her.

Will we see Kathryn Hahn as Agnes again?

Fans were so thankful that the Scarlet Witch didn’t simply destroy Agatha inĀ WandaVision‘s series finale. For, if the MCU had taken that route, we wouldn’t be hopeful to see Kathryn reprise her role in the future. As of now, it’s not a question of whether she’ll be Agnes again, for that much is confirmed. It’s more a question of ‘when’. So far, there’s nothing that can be said about how soon we will see Kathryn light up our screens again as Agatha. Given that Wanda is still a fledgling when it comes to being a Scarlet Witch, it won’t be surprising if she seeks out Agatha’s help sometime soon and Kathryn gets to be the mento-cum-guide that Agatha will eventually become to Wanda.

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