Who is the villain in WandaVision?

There is something truly enticing about dabbling with the underworld and its inhabitants. The villain tends to be invincible and it requires an almost god-like intervention just to address them. There is no doubt that in the face of someone like Mephisto, a Thanos will look surprisingly manageable. Marvel is not new to the evil of hell, in fact, there are a notorious number of Hell-Lords like Mephisto and Sattanish present in the comic world who gain relevance in specifics arcs.

*Spoilers* from this point forward!!!

When the fog cleared from the reality show facade that was WandaVision during its first few episodes, it became fairly clear that we were looking at the confluence of magic and evil in a rather toxic combination. First, it was Wanda, with her subjugation of the residents of Westview, and later it was…well the minor villain of WandaVision, as we intend to call her till we will reveal her later on in the article.

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When the direction that Marvel intended to take became super apparent, the speculations took an interesting turn. First, we suspected that it was Mephisto who had been pulling the strings all along.

There was also an intense moment when Nightmare was brought into the picture in a big way. When the Darkhold was unveiled, a lot of fingers pointed towards Chthon as the main villain as well. All indications pointed towards a demon or a hell-lord thanks to the occult nature of WandaVision. Of course, now that season 1 has ended, a major amount of the mystery has more or less been solved as well.

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So who is the villain in WandaVision?

Is it Agatha Harkness?

If you came to this article, hoping to find a different name, then you may be somewhat disappointed. While it was certainly Agatha All Along, the amount of hype created around WandaVision’s villain was so massive that this reveal has been received in an anti-climatic manner. In comparison to a potential Hell-lord, Agatha almost seems…normal one could say. A New Salem witch with not a lot of background story (at least for now), Agatha went from being the nosy neighbor to the malicious nemesis in Episode 7 Breaking the Fourth Wall. 

Since Agatha could still be a potential ally for Wanda in the future Wanda realizing this, ensures that the witch remains available in case she needs her in the future. By making her the nosy neighbor as punishment, Wanda effectively neutralizes her and keeps her narrative alive at the same time.

Despite Agatha Harkness coming out in episode 7, speculation continued heavily in the tune of Agatha being under the control or doing the dirty work of a Hell-Lord. Fans find it difficult to digest Agatha as the main villain in WandaVision. Surely, there was someone stronger, eviler, and more powerful who was controlling the narrative from behind the scenes right?

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Is it White Vision?

Another major character with villain potential was White Vision. It wasn’t even a hot minute before S.W.O.R.D weaponized the new version of the beloved Synthezoid and sent him to Westview to destroy the Wanda and the Red Vision. In an expected White verses Red Vision face-off, there was a moment when it felt like White Vision could be a bigger problem than Agatha. But the Red Vision managed to rationalize the situation for a newly born White Vision by using the Ship of Theseus experiment’s logic.

The Red Vision reinforces this logic by showing the White Vision crucial memories about themself. Now that the White Vision is much more humanized, he chooses to withdraw from the battle and disappear mid-episode. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

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Could it be someone else?

Well, unfortunately, we cannot be sure if there is someone more powerful pulling the strings behind Agatha. WandaVision Season 1 was not focused on the typical good vs evil narrative that we’re used to. It’s actually a rather deceptive pain fest packaged in an elaborate happy delusion because that’s how the Scarlet Witch copes with her grief and tragedy.

In fact, it is because this deception is so elaborate that we are unable to identify Agnes in the first place. The Hell-lords aside, the entry of fake Pietro also triggers the viewers into thinking that there is more than meets the eye.

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In the end, Agatha Harkness turns out to be the main villain of Season 1 and Wanda manages to disengage her as well as transform into the Scarlet Witch in the process.
It is worth noting that there are a lot of loose ends in Season 1 in terms of just the plot. We still cannot be absolutely certain that there is no other villain because there wasn’t much focus on Agatha’s backstory.

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How did Agatha acquire the Darkhold and how did she manage to end up at Westview? Was she tracking Wanda this whole time to acquire her power? From where did Wanda hear the screams of her children? There are definitely a lot of unanswered questions and it is not likely that we will get to know the answers any time soon.

If the post-credit scenes and little hints sprinkled in WandaVision are anything to go by, then we can surely trust that there is more to come in not just season 2, but even the upcoming Doctor Strange and SpiderMan movies. It looks like Marvel is slowly but surely setting up a new narrative to give us what is hopefully a tremendously powerful villain. If occult magic and extraterrestrials immortals are involved, surely things won’t be settled with a minor character like Agatha alone.

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