What is Wanda doing at the end of WandaVision?

WandaVision invoked feels through and through. It was the perfect formula in terms of everything we need from a Marvel show and then some. The show has something for everyone with an epic love story, a semi-tragedy, major suspense, brilliant characters, intriguing plot, and more.

Marvel really outdid themselves in terms of delivering an exciting show and we can be certain that if WandaVision, as the first show of 2021 was this prolific, then we can expect really big things for the rest of the year as well.

Even though Marvel did produce something super out-of-the-box with WandaVision, they still managed to keep to their original formula.

This is why the show includes a post-credit scene or scenes, in this case, to add some context to the future. Of course, this also means that the credit scene requires exploration because how can we possibly let a crucial scene ever rest peacefully?

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So what is Wanda doing at the end of WandaVision?

In the post-credit scene, we see a beautiful and undisclosed location filled with breathtaking mountains. The camera comes to rest upon a small cottage by a big lake. On the porch of this cottage, we see Wanda sitting with a cup of tea in her hand. When the kettle begins to whistle, she goes into the cottage to refill her cup. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch version of her is floating inside the room in the cottage, studying all kinds of spells and absorbing all the knowledge that the Darkhold has to provide.

Just from an overview, we can assume that Wanda is recovering in the isolation and tranquility provided by her location. Understandably, she needs a respite from everything that happened in Westview, and considering how she wielded her powers in a populated area, it was a good idea for her to stay away from any sort of human habitation.

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Will Wanda get her Kids back?

We also reckon that Wanda is healing emotionally from losing her entire family and also realizing what she is capable of now that she wields the powers of the Scarlet Witch.

We cannot be sure about what the future hold, only that one that involves the Scarlet Witch is bound to have a lot of magic and occult involved. But yes, as the help call from the her Kids, Billy and Tommy, are one of the last few dialogues of the finale, we can’t help but hope that Season 2 will be all about Wanda using extreme magic to get Billy and Tommy, and the Red Viison, back to her realm, assuming there are there is some other dimension of the universe.

Wanda may have an inkling of her importance in the future now that she has been forged as the Scarlet Witch. All the sacrifices she made and the pain she went through to become who she did must have an important reason. We will only know what’s in store for her in the next movie and Season 2. But from the looks of it, Wanda is doing okay for now.

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