Who created Vision in the comics and WandaVision?

Vision has had multiple ‘births’ and deaths in the MCU as well as the comics. In WandaVision, we saw the creation of Vision yet again, and a later resurrection as White Vision. But with multiple Vision stories going about many of us are at a loss as to the true origins of their favorite Synthezoid. So who created Vision in the first place, and what is his heritage? Let’s find out.

Who created Vision in the Comics?

In the comics as well as the MCU, the Mind-stone powered android was first Ultron’s ‘Vision of Perfection. However, the details vary slightly in the two universes.

In the comics, after rebelling against his own creator, Ultron decided to create an android of his own to unleash upon the Avengers to seek his vengeance. Vision’s body is, in fact, that of the Human Torch created by Dr. Hank Pym, split with the power of the Forever Crystal into two distinct entities. One body became the original Torch, while the other was used by Ultron for the creation of Vision. Vision’s brain patterns are copied from that of Wonder Man who was then considered deceased.

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But soon after Vision was created, he rebelled against his creator Ultron and joined sides with Avengers to put an end to his maniacal plans of exterminating humans. It appears rebellion is a born trait of most androids.

After WandaVision, fans are not exactly sure when they’ll be able to see their favorite Synthezoid again, but there are always comic books to turn to.

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Who created Vision in the MCU?

In the MCU, as in the comics, Vision is amongst the most powerful Avengers. The Synthezoid has had quite a unique character journey in all of MCU and has died more times than one would care to count (ask Wanda).

Technically, Vision has been part of the MCU ever since Iron Man as Tony Stark’s AI companion JARVIS – his prior incarnation. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Banner and Stark discover artificial intelligence inside the Mind Stone and decide to go ahead with building a ‘suit of armor around the world’. This led to the creation of Ultron who ultimately became self-aware, rebelled, created an iron body for himself, and proliferated throughout the internet.

With the help of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, Ultron stole Vibranium and forced Dr. Helen Cho to use the ‘Cradle’ – a device to bring Ultron’s ‘Vision of perfection’ to life with the Mind Stone. But the Avengers managed to steal the android’s body and placed JARVIS back into it.

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However, Captain America and the Maximoffs (now on the side of the Avengers) intervened, fearing that Stark and Banner may be on the verge of creating another Ultron-like monstrosity, and interrupted their smooth operations. Fortunately, Thor used lightning to power up the Cradle and bring Vision to life. Vision later even proves himself worthy of being able to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, possibly because its powers helped Vision get over the line and gain life.

Vision, as Stark and Banner had originally intended Ultron to be, was the perfect Android for the Avengers. He destroyed Ultron’s drones, weeded him out of the internet, and helped the Avengers avoid any further damage in Sokovia.

In WandaVision however, as there was nothing left of Vision after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda, in a burst of Chaos Magic created the Westview hex as well as Vision for them to live happily ever after. This was all spontaneous creation of the Scarlet Witch, a sort of magic that she didn’t understand back then but had managed to unlock given her own mutant genes and her interaction with the Mind Stone, not to mention her emotionally troubled past.

Though there have been other forms of Vision as well (most notably the White Vision), this is how the original was birthed in the comics and the MCU. The two stories differ slightly, but Ultron and the Avengers are at the heart of it all.

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