WandaVision: Is Vision dead?

*Alert: Spoilers ahead!!!*

It was an exciting Friday and there was a kind of frantic anticipation with which we were waiting for the premiere of the last episode of WandaVision. There were so many questions and it felt like the answers could not come quickly enough. From the confirmation of whether Agatha is the main villain to expectations of Doctor Strange in the final episode, it had become fairly clear just how big a burden the final episode was carrying.

But beyond the crazy and absurd hype WandaVision was also an enduring, yet tragic love story. The show’s intention was to cater to non-Marvel fans just as much as the hardcore ones. There were those of us, who were dreading the end just as much as we were excited for it because this endearing love story would either continue or come to an absolute close. Either way, there would be a lot of tears and the only question that mattered to us was, would they be happy or sad tears? Well, the answer to that also answers the question of whether Vision is dead or alive, kind of.

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The final Scene between Wanda and Vision

In the penultimate episode, we find out that Vision, being the romantic Synthezoid that he is, had purchased a plot for Wanda and himself to grow old in. Wanda takes this one really hard, especially because she had just left the S.W.O.R.D headquarters having been denied even the basic right to bury his body. It’s all of this grief and heartache that leads her to create the Hex and mind control an entire town in the twisted way that she did.

But it was also in that moment when she created Westview that she ended up recreating Vision, body, memories, and mind all intact. While some would consider it wicked to raise the dead we reckon that Marvel was going for the old adage of all is fair in love.

Let’s skip past the reality-show-themed episodes to the very painful moment that is rather dreadful to talk about.

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It was a blessed relief with which the viewer realizes that Wanda crossed over from the grey area to the white when she chooses to do the right thing. After ousting Agatha Harkness from power, she begins the restoration process of Westview by pulling back the boundary of the hex. But doing this, as the viewers had learned earlier, would also destroy Wanda’s family whose life was directly connected to the Hex. So as the Hex began closing in to erase every single facade of Wanda’s fake life, she and Vision, along with the twins, went back home as a family one last time.

In their final conversation before the Hex takes him with it, Wanda tells Vision that he was created by her using her magic and the power of the mind stone that resides within her and so he cannot truly ever die because he will always be a part of her. “We’ve said good-bye before, so it stands to reason that we’ll say hello again,” they say as the hex commits its final purge, we see Vision disappear after a final “So long, darling”.

The purpose of Vision in WandaVision

Before we delve into the technicalities of Vision’s death, it’s important to understand why he existed in WandaVision in the first place. All the sitcomesque romance and Wanda’s denial aside, The Vision was more than just a coping mechanism set in place to help Wanda deal with her grief and heartache. He was an intentional event created right from the very beginning (when Wanda and he begin their romance in Civil War), to forge the Scarlet Witch. Everything that Wanda went through, in her act of falling in love with him, then killing him, and then watching him be brought back to life only to be killed again would cause the kind of immense trauma that’s enough to destroy even powerful superheroes.

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So, if we go by the what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger trope, it was important for Wanda to face this trauma so that she could be ‘forged’ into the Scarlet Witch. At this point, it is fair to wonder why her traumatic childhood and the death of her twin brother weren’t enough. We reckon that the price she must pay for this kind of power well exceeds the pain of living through these events.

The price must destroy her completely and she must still be strong enough to overcome it anyway if she wants to become more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. So when she does become the Scarlet Witch, we can confirm that Vision’s death in Infinity War did its job in enabling her to get there.

Is Vision dead?

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In WandaVision, Vision is brought back to life in two different ways. First is the Vision that Wanda creates in her grief. This Vision is restricted by the boundary of the Hex and has no memories of life before Westview. As Wanda herself says, this Vision who is much more humane and capable of tears, was created from a part of her own self, using her mind stone and magic together. He is a product of love.

The second way in which Vision is brought back is also using Wanda’s magic. However, this Vision is made using the Synthezoid body of the dead Vision, and S.W.O.R.D powers him up to take orders. They basically attempt to weaponize him up until Wanda’s Vision catches up with him and gives him the Ship of Theseus logic.

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In the final episode, White Vision disappears after the Red Vision kind of humanizes him and at least for now, it looks like a temporary game over for Red Vision.

It almost feels like the Red Vision was living a half-life anyway. Without the memories of his past or the ability to leave the border, it’s not like he was very alive, to begin with. At least till Wanda figures out how to bring him back for real or in a way that he can exist outside a restricted bubble, Vision is not truly alive in the first place.

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The implications of Vision’s death

One must wonder whether the White Vision is going to replicate the Red Vision as a character or be an entirely different individual after the WandaVision finale. While this would solve the restrictions of being created by Wanda for Red Vision, does it take away from the fact that both Visions are kind of different? Of course with the Ship of Theseus logic, one could say that they are the same, but are they really? In the comics, the White Vision is an entirely separate character from the Red Vision and does not love Wanda/the Scarlet Witch. One must wonder whether a similar thing will happen in the show as well.

In any case, Vision’s death is the show raises the question of whether he is even capable of dying if Wanda has the ability to bring him back to life. We also cannot ignore the lovey-dovey conversation in the end where they implied that they will meet again. So Vision cannot completely die because he isn’t completely alive in the first place. The rules, it seems, are different for a Synthezoid.

The season finale was certainly a tough emotional watch for anyone, fan or otherwise. Since Marvel chose to play out the tragic ending in which he disappears along with the Hex, it’s very difficult to predict what’s in store for him and Wanda in the future. We certainly hope that our favorite Synthezoid makes a comeback, after all, WandaVision is undeniably incomplete without our beloved Vision.