WandaVision: Does Vision come back?

Vision is no stranger to death, having been killed off or otherwise simply disintegrating more times than any sentimental fan would care to count (three!). But the events of WandaVision‘s series finale have had us all guessing whether Vision is really gone for good now. Of course, none of us want our favorite Synthezoid to stay dead for long (or die in the first place), his pallor notwithstanding, but such things are not in our hands. Fans can only make their voices heard, the final say stays with Marvel executives and writers. Given the agonizing end of WandaVision, how does MCU plan to bring Vision back? Here is everything you need to know.

Warning: WandaVision series finale Spoilers ahead!!!

A Tale of Two Visions

We’ve all come to know and adore the cherry-red Vision as the ‘real’ Vision. But it appears that he died his final death in Avengers: Endgame for good. The version that we saw in WandaVision was nothing more than a facsimile, albeit an impressive one indistinguishable from the original, courtesy of Wanda’s Chaos Magic.

But we know that that version has now ceased to exist, for his life was tied to the Hex and Wanda had to eventually let go of it – the greatest sacrifice she ever made as an Avenger.

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Given how emotional his (third) farewell was, it wouldn’t make sense to bring back the same Vision in the upcoming MCU projects. That leaves us with just one option – the ice-cold White Vision, seen below trying to wrap his head around the Ship of Theseus philosophy.

This version of Vision was reconstructed by SWORD after he was destroyed by Thanos. Though they managed to restore him with some sort of sentience, without his memories he was nothing more than an easily controllable weapon. All that changed thanks to his brother from another mother (yuck), who unlocked his memories and made him realize who he was. For those still wondering whether or not a return is on the cards, the “I am Vision” line should confirm Paul Bettany returning to MCU well before his final end.

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Fans are a little skeptical about White Vision and what he could mean for the MCU. There are multiple fan theories that paint him as nothing more than a vessel for Ultron, while others confirm him as the ‘real’ Vision since he has the original body (sans the Mind Stone) and now the memories as well. Whatever the case may be, we think the best judge for whether or not the White Vision is the real Vision is not going to lie with Vision himself, but rather with Wanda. If he returns and she’s able to love him, so will the fans find it in their heart to make room for the ghostly shell of Vision, so long as he gets a paint job.

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How White Vision returns in the comics

In the comics, specifically the story ‘VisionQuest’, Vision is left undone by a multinational group, wiping his memory away and dismembering him. It is only after Hank Pym tries to put him back together do we get the imperfect (or White) Vision that we saw in WandaVision.

Just like MCU’s White Vision, the comic version is imperfect, his brain patterns that were once based on Wonder Man not available anymore to be copied again. As a result, he’s left as an unfeeling android without a trace of humanity that made him endearing to the fans, as well as Wanda. But no one wants an unfeeling Android for a husband, and since nothing is rekindled between Wanda and White Vision, their marriage is nullified.

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But it is only a matter of time before Vision starts to feel the way his former self did, humanizing slowly through experience. He is succored by a scientist who initiates this process of humanizing through the disguise of Victor Shade so that he can mingle with humans and study them in their social habitat. Later, the scientist gives White Vision his son’s brain patterns, thereby allowing him the capacity for emotional connection.

In the meantime, another Vision from a parallel universe shows up (one who has his color intact and who can feel just as normal human beings) and exchanges place with White Vision. This Anti-Vision is now in the White Vision’s body, while White Vision seems to have his former scarlet appearance restored. Later in the story, the Anti-Vision is defeated by the original one, restoring the Red Vision once and for all.

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Vision’s future in MCU Phase 4

So far, there’s no telling whether MCU will resort to the Deus ex Machina of bringing in an anti-Vision from a parallel universe to exchange bodies with White Vision for the latter’s complete restoration. What is confirmed, however, is that Vision is far from dead and we will see Paul Bettany reprise his role as the caped Synthezoid. The best project for him to return with would be WandaVision season 2, if there’s going to be a second season at all. But since Wanda is going to be tangled up with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, perhaps we might see him make a surprise cameo in one of the future MCU projects like Armor Wars due for a 2022 release.

Source: Marvel | Disney Plus