WandaVision: Who wants to meet Monica Rambeau in Episode 9

There’s nothing like a good hint in the mid-credit scenes to keep us all excited and pumped up for the next episode or in this case, the next season of WandaVision. Fortunately, there wasn’t just one but two rather intense credit scenes in Episode 9 of WandaVision. So we have enough to ruminate over till the next season arrives if it does which is the hope for all WandaVision fans.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the mid-credit scene in which Captain Monica Rambeau.

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What happens in the mid-credit cut scene in Episode 9?

In the mid-credit cutscene, an officer tells Monica Rambeau that “they’re asking for you in the theatre” and proceeds to follow the Captain right towards the big screen. She then reveals herself as a Skrull and tells Monica that she has been “sent by an old friend of your mother’s”.

At this point, the Skrull tells her a certain ‘he’ knows that Monica has been grounded and said person would like to meet her. The identity of the person is not revealed.

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Who wants to meet Monica Rambeau in Episode 9?

The initial indication of a Skrull’s presence and the reference to Captain Monica’s mother made us think that Captain Marvel had something to do with the Skrull’s summons. However, the clear use of ‘he’ made us go to one and only one person, Nick Fury.

Of course, there is scope to be wrong about this but if the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit scenes are anything to go by, then the only he of significance ‘up there’ is Nick Fury. Currently, the Nick Fury on Earth is actually a Skrull named Talos and the real Nick Fury is actually in space.

We could be wrong about this but as of now, it’s difficult to think of anyone else appropriate enough to fit the tag. Who do you think is the ‘he’ the Skrull refers to? Do let us know in the comments.